Automotive Injector Pulser Tester KIT Building Instructions

In this page are detailed instructions on what the KIT entails, photos and building instructions. You will get the KIT and CD-ROM building Manual, with included parts list. This kit contains current parts. The nominal cost for the parts is around $14 to $18, plus the cost of this KIT which includes the 2 PCBs, Front & Back Enclosure, Metal-Plates, Standoffs, Screws, Tool-Handles and detailed Manual on CD ROM. The parts list can be purchased at Mouser, Digikey, Newark, IC Chip Maker or even Amazon.


The Injector Pulset KIT is composed of two PCB, Custom Designed Plastic Case, Metal-Back-Front Keypad Plates, Hardware and parts (not included). Following you can see what the finished "Injector Pulser Tester" looks like during and after completing it. This tool is useful in testing all sorts of fuel injector related issues, such as injector flow testing, voltage and current tests, clogged injectors and air-fuel imbalance issues. See the Professional Tool on which this KIT is based on here.

injector pulset kit complete
Fig 1: Injector Pulser DRIVER100 PCB handles the electronics to trigger the injector properly. This PCB detects injector current and controls the actual pulse so as not to saturate the injector-coil-winding. It also prevents damage to the injector, even if the injector is shorted or damaged.

Fig 2: The fully assembled injector pulser PCB (parts not included). Parts cost is around $10 and the detailed build-instructions are fully included. Tech-Support for this KIT is also included. This PCB is included in the KIT, as well as the Signal-Button PCB seen below.

fuel injector_pulser_kit_2
Fig 3: Injector pulser INJPLSR-1000 PCB. This PCB circuit is in charged of generating the control signal to the DRIVER100 board. This kit was developed using through hole manufacturing for easy of build by you, the inventor. It employs various chips and transistors for it's operation. Detailed instructions are provided with the kit's CD-ROM manual on a pdf file book. Parts are not included. A parts list is included in the manual. The parts cost is around $8. This is a $480.00 tool when completed.

Fig 4: Only 3 wires join the DRIVER100 and the INJPLSR1000 board; the 5 volt reference, Ground and signal or pulse wire. This simple arrangement allows for modularity in case of repairs and isolation from the driver circuit. A few simple parts readily available are needed at a max cost of $14 to $18 for both. Keep in mind that this is a $480+ piece of equipment.

injector pulser 5
Fig 5: Closer view of the important link between the two boards. These 2 PCBs are included on the kit. The parts (not included) amount to no more than $14 to $18 worth for a dedicated injector pulser valued at a few hundred. This pulser will give you continuous pulse, 5, 10 and 15 mSec pulses at 1, 2, 4, 10 and continuous pulses. This is an exacting level of testing not available in any tool today.

injector pulser KIT 6
Fig 6: These are the INCLUDED brass standoffs. These are the pillars of building the injector pulser and are included, 12 of them. These standoffs are attached to the metal plates. The template for the metal plates is included in the CD ROM. The plastic front and back enclosure is also included.

injector pulser kit 7
Fig 7: Showing the DRIVER100 and INJPLSR1000 PCBs attached to each other with the INCLUDED standoffs. This setup is then bolted to the metal plates next, that are also attached to the plastic enclosure.

injector pulser 8
Fig 8: Detailed photos of the PCBs attached to each other. Proper length standoffs are included in the KIT.

injector pulser KIT 9
Fig 9: Plastic Enclosure front and back plates are included in the KIT. These in turn are attached to the metal plates. The PCB, Enclosure and Metal plates are all bolted or binded together to form a strong tool.

injector pulser KIT 10
Fig 10: Front keypad metal plate and back plate attached to the Plastic PCB. These two plates form a bonded attachment that becomes very strong together. The electronics are well protected. We ran many tests that made us finally keep this design. These plastic enclosure and plate is custom designed.

injector pulser KIT

Fig 11: Front face of the Enclosure and Metal plates together.

injector pulser kit 12

Fig 12: Injector Pulser Enclosure and the metal plates meshing.

injector pulser kit 13

Fig 13: Injector pulser enclosure assembled and ready to receive the electronic PCB/circuits.

injector pulser kit 14

Fig 14: Injector Pulser with the PCBs attached to the metal plated forming a super strong piece of equipment.

injector pulser kit 15

Fig 15: A look inside the fully assembled enclosure and metal plates that form the back and keypad of the Injector Pulser KIT equipment tool.

injector pulser kit 16

Fig 16: This is the injector pulser KEYPAD PRINTABLE layout. It is concluded in the CD ROM with the KIT. You then can print it and glue to the metal front plate. (the do not print watermark is not in the CD ROM version).

injector pulser KIT 17

Fig 17: This is what the Professional WOW Injector Pulser looks like. This KIT is based on this professional tool. The difference is that the Professional Tool uses top-notch parts. Not all IC chips are the same. We go through great lengths to make sure our Professionally made tools are the best made. But, if you don't want to spend over $400, this KIT is the way to go. More building details are provided in the included CD ROM.

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