DIY Car Doctor Auto-Repair Equipment KITS

Dedicated to the DIY, Home-Mechanic or the Professions with enough time to build it.

Built your own automotive diagnostic equipment KITs. Choose from many available GADGETS according to your need. We're updating this site all the time with new equipment KITs. Choose from the following: Injector-Pulser-Tester, Ignition-Coil-Pulser-Tester, Fuse-Panel-Current-Probe, Throttle-Actuator-Tester and many more useful equipment tools. With each kit you get the PCM, Instruction-Build-Manual w/Parts list CD-ROM & Case w/Tool-Handles.

Choose from the following KITs

FUEL INJECTOR PULSER KIT - Test fuel injectors by pulsing, fuel-flowing, voltage, current and unclogging them. Based on our Professional-WOW-Injector-Pulser tool seen here. You get the PCB, Instruction-Manual CD ROM & Case. See detailed page here... Kits is mailed to you within 2 to 5 days Priority-Mail Shipping Included.

See Detailed Building Instruction Here...

IGNITION COIL PULSER KIT - This KIT allows you to pulsate any modern ignition coil, like COP, DIS, Distributor, and with Driver built in. Based on the Zapper Ignition Pulser Tester Professional tool sen here. You get the PCB, Instruction-Manual CD ROM & Case. See detailed page here... Kits is mailed to you within 2 to 5 days Priority-Mail Shipping Included.


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 Code Setting Criteria

Dodge CSC                 Ford CSC                    GM CSC                     Honda/Acura CSC        Hyundai CSC               Isuzu CSC                   Kia CSC                      Mazda CSC                 Mitsubishi CSC            Nissan/Infinity CSC      Subaru CSC                Toyota/Lexus CSC

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How to Get SRS Codes

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SRS-Airbag Repair Guide

Deleting SRS Codes   Dodge SRS Location       Dodge SRS Operation     Ford SRS Location          Ford SRS Operation        GM SRS Location            GM SRS Operation           Honda SRS Location       Honda SRS Operation     Isuzu/Mazda/Suba Loc.   Isuzu/Mazda/Suba Ope Kia/Hyun/Mitsu Location Kia/Hyun/Mitsu Oper.       Nissan/Infinity Location   Nissan/Infinity Operation Toyota/Lexus Location    Toyota/Lexus Operation 

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